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Resource Tracking

Here we used Configuration-->Resource Overview to open the panel that lists all the resources provided by the current system, that ThinkPad we loaded up with some options.  Note that it can show not only the Base value, but the Total value, for resources like Memory and Disk Space.  Scroll down to see what appears under the "Misc. Ports/Cables"


Here we can examine in detail the number and type of various ports, cables and connectors.  On the left side we see what component is providing the resource, and on the right side we see what, if any, is consuming that resource.  At the bottom we see the exact details of the individual resource.  Two components are plugged into USB ports, plus this Monitor had a choice as to which port it would use.  Often, as here, an option we selected appears on the right side because they consume one or more resources (the cable and the USB Hub) and appears farther down on the left side, providing additional resources.  Because the PSCFG tool tracks all this detail, it helps improve configuration accuracy, and explains where there is room to add more options.  It will help you understand how all the parts fit together, when you can see it all laid out like this.










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