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The Quote Page

Here we have selected a ThinkPad, and we can see not only the standard components, but that we added a number of options of different types and in one case, for a different language.  Note we added a name to this configuration, across the top.  It is ready to be sent to the customer, saved for later retrieval, or printed.  Totals are visible at the top of each column, so that you can easily see the total if the configuration content extends off-screen.  The total appears in parentheses when the price is missing for one or more items.  Saved files can be reloaded later, or sent for other users to load and examine or modify.  Each time a saved configuration is reloaded, it is checked to confirm it is valid, and that nothing has changed as far as the configuration/business rules go.  One or more parts may have been withdrawn since the configuration was originally created, and this will be visible by that item having a faded description.  On reload, the current price/supply values will be displayed, not those of the time when it was originally created.  Saved configuration files are very small, typically 5-20 KB. 

Click on "Resource Monitor" tab at the left to see what the Configurator tracks.....











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