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Quick Lookup

This is one of the most used features of PSCFG.  You can enter a partnumber, a partial partnumber, or even a text string, and Quick Lookup will find any and all matching items in the database.  It displays

  • the full partnumber
  • description
  • the family/tab where you will find the item
  • up to 8 price/supply values
  • if an option, which systems support it
  • if a system unit, you can begin configuring it with options immediately

The down arrow at the right of the Description field is for the Show Details function. The Product Info button may be active, with further technical information on this item, such as a web site with a photo.  Note the Configure button at the bottom is inactive when the item being displayed is an option.  The Configure button only works if the item is a system unit (current or withdrawn) AND the main/quote page does not already have a system unit on it.

On the first screen, we typed in a full or partial partnumber.  In the second example, we typed in a word or text string, and marked the box for textual search.  In either case the answer comes back in less than a second.  Note the text string search found multiple system units, across several families.  If one or more of the 'hits' happen to be withdrawn, the search function would have found them too, and they would be easily seen since the description is faded, and the Description ends in "WD".

Note that some of the features of Quick Lookup are available in the LenovoLook app for Android & BlackBerry devices, along with some of the features of Needs Assist.  See the panel on the left.













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