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Resource Monitor window

This one-line window is available when you are adding options.  (Check the very bottom of the screen image below, under the colored tabs - arrow # 2.)  You can choose which resource you want to monitor, and as you add options, you will see the resource being consumed.  For example, if you are adding memory to a Server or ThinkStation, there may be up to 16 memory sockets available.  Notebooks may have only two sockets.  (See below for a list of memory supported on one particular model.)  As you add more memory, the number of free sockets will decrement each time.  Earlier I mentioned there may be a fourth decision point required to make an educated buying decision when there are multiple possible choices, beyond the three big ones - technology differences, price and supply.  The Resource Monitor helps in these cases.  Suppose you are considering adding more memory to a Notebook or Desktop, which has only two sockets, and one is already filled with the standard memory. Your choice of what memory to choose may well be affected once you realise that there is only one socket open, and no further expansion is possible with both sockets full, unless one or more memory modules are removed.  Best of all, you don't have to remember how many bays, sockets etc. each system has.  The Configurator keeps track of all this for you.

If you consume all of any resource, you don't have wait until after you select an option, to find out if it will fit or not.  The instant any resource is entirely consumed, all the options in the selection menu that would consume that resource - should you try to select any of them - appear with an X in the left-most column, to tell you they cannot be added at this instant......it has already checked for you.  (Note arrow #1 at the left side of the menu)  Mouse button 2 will bring up a box like the small one below, telling you why that item cannot be added, and the Resolve button (note arrow #3 at the bottom) may offer a way to fix it.  In some cases (like the Server with two processor sockets) adding another option - a second matching processor - will resolve the conflict.  In other cases, it is not fixable.  PSCFG then offers a "Comparison Purposes Only" dummy part, which will allow you to over-configure the system with more of the supported options than will actually fit.  You can use this to create a configuration with multiple memory choices, although perhaps only one will fit, so the customer can compare them - perhaps for their respective prices.  Or their availability.








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