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Business Partner Support

Many of the features in the PC Sales Guide/Configurator were built-in during the design phase, or added later as a direct result of requests from Business Partners.  Some of them will be shown in the following pages.  Perhaps the most important one is the use of external files for price & supply.  Price & supply info can come from non-Lenovo sources.  This means that a Business Partner can see one or more of Cost Price, Selling Price, and Supply when buying Lenovo products from a Distributor.  All it takes is for the Distributor to create & distribute one or more simple text files, space-delimited, with the various values in even columns.  Each file must have the Lenovo Partnumber as one column.  I can help make any such file work with the Configurator, with a few seconds worth of text editing.  A sample of such a file can be seen on the Price & Supply Values page on the left.

The current version has price files from two Lenovo Business Partners, one located in the U.S. and the other in Canada.  Access to Lenovo list prices for N. America and Europe is intermittent, but I will be happy to assist anyone who would like to see their own prices displayed.  Please remember that the Business Partner prices shown on this site were current as of the date displayed, and may have changed since.  They should be contacted directly for a current price list, at www.kernelsoftware.com  and  www.pccanada.com and of course their current price files are included with each Configurator update.

Another Business Partner request was to be able to hide all the line item prices, and show only a 'package' price for the entire configuration.  Still another was to show not just what options are supported on a particular system unit, but the reverse - given an option partnumber, what system units support it ?  Both ideas are now standard features.

Target response time is as before, 5 minutes from when I see  your note to contacting you in response, and the target is 10 minutes to deliver any update.


Please contact me at help@pscfg.com so I can respond to your request.  Or you can text me at 001-519-318-6663.

I am also available via Skype, as configuratorhelp
















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