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Home Page - 6+ years !

This web site is for the much-loved PC-based tool, popularly called PSCFG, which was designed to help sell & support complex product lines.  Initially, it was used for various IBM product lines (PCD, NHD, SSD).  For many years I was responsible for maintaining this tool and supporting end-users around the world.    After my experience trying to order a ThinkPad for a family member, it was obvious to me that the Lenovo product line had not only become broader and deeper, but also considerably more complex.  There are multiple 'silos' with product information.  The question arose in my mind "How does anyone keep track of all these ? Even inside Lenovo ?" 


I was unable to locate a tool or tools that provided either the functions or the content available in PSCFG, let alone one that would operate at the speed PSCFG provides. I decided (in January 2010) to delete all of the then-obsolete products (from the last time it had been officially updated) and to start adding those Lenovo products current as of that date.  I feel strongly that my work to populate the data should be made available to others.  No matter how complex the question, the PC Sales Guide/Configurator provides the answer in less than one second.  There is no charge of any kind for the tool, to Lenovo employees, Business Partners and Customers.  It is entirely free.  You can download a free copy from the Downloads page on the left.  There is also a companion app called LenovoLook, for Android devices and selected BlackBerry phones.

In the following pages (see the menu on the left pane) you can see screen captures of a few examples of the rich function and content the Configurator has. There are many more. Thanks in advance for your support, and I hope I can help with the sales and support of Lenovo products and services.


"Budge" Burgess

Please contact me at help@pscfg.com so I can respond to your request. Or you can text to 001-519-318-6663

I am also available via Skype, as configuratorhelp


















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